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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Fogra" standard proof?

A Fogra proof is a certified proof that can be matched accurately by good printers that are working to ISO 12647. There are different Fogra standards to match each print process on each of the various paper types as specified in ISO 12647. For further information see www.iso.org.

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What is ISO 12647?

ISO (International Standards Organisation) 12647 is a set of standards in the print industry that specify the print imaging conditions within the print and proofing processes below. These standards are relevant throughout Europe. See www.iso.org for more details.

ISO 12647-2 : Offset Lithograhic Printing (sheetfed or heatset web offset)
ISO 12647-3 : Coldset Offset Lithographic (newspaper)
ISO 12647-4 : Gravure Printing
ISO 12647-5 : Screen Printing
ISO 12647-6 : Flexographic Printing
ISO 12647-7 : Proofing Processes
ISO 12647-8 : Digital Production Printing

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What are the various paper types in ISO 12647-2?

Paper type 1 : Gloss coated paper.
Paper type 2 : Matt coated paper.
Paper type 3 : Gloss light weight coated (LWC).
Paper type 4 : Uncoated white offset. 
Paper type 5 : Uncoated yellowish offset.

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What type of file can I upload?

Only PDF files are accepted and we strongly recommend that you supply PDF/X-1a.

PDF/X-1a is designed to provide the most robust and least flexible delivery of PDF content data. It requires that the colour of all objects be expressed in CMYK or spot colours, all prepared for the print conditions under which the final press-work will be run. Elements in RGB and Lab colour spaces or tagged with ICC profiles are prohibited. It also requires that all fonts used in the job be embedded in the supplied PDF file and disallows the use of transparency and layers (optional content). This format is generally recognised as the defacto standard in the print industry and is the least likely to lead to any surprises when processed by your printer.

Further instructions on creating and working with PDF/X-1a can be found at www.gwg.org and www.ppa.co.uk.

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How should I supply my artwork?

You will be presented with our upload facility at the end of the purchase process. If you have any difficulties please call us on 0845 475 6003 and we will sort out an alternative method such as FTP.

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I don't have a PayPal account

A PayPal account is not required. You can pay through PayPal without opening an account

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What is PayPal? Is it easy to set up an account?

PayPal provides a way to send money to anyone in the world who has an email address.

To create an account register your details, including credit or debit card with PayPal. As part of this process you decide on a password so you are the only one who can access your PayPal account.

This information is sent to PayPal securely and the data is encrypted; only PayPal can decipher the data. PayPal uses "SSL security" which is the industry standard way to send sensitive information in a highly encrypted form across the Internet. Virtually all on-line stores and banks use this system.

The advantages for the buyer are : Ease of payment via credit or debit card, no fee for buyers. You are protected by PayPal buyer protection.

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How long will delivery take?

You should receive your proofs within a day or two. As orders can range from 1 page to many hundreds of pages we can't specify here a turnaround time, we can just say that your job will be delivered as soon as possible. If timng is critical give us a call on 0845 475 6003 and we can give a better estimate.

We will despatch your order via overnight courier.

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Do you print bespoke sizes of proof?

We can print up to 24 inches wide by 100 feet long. We are optimised to produce the standard page sizes with bleed (A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1).

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What printer are the proofs printed on?

All of our proofs are printed on Epson 7890 printers using Ultrachrome K3 inks via CGS RIP software. We use Fogra standard ORIS Semimatte 250 paper for the majority of proofs but we also print on Newspaper stock when requested.

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What Fogra standards are available?

We keep up with all the latest profiles so if it is available from Fogra we can print it.

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Do I have to supply single pages?

You can supply single pages, double page spreads or multiple page documents. We will proof as supplied ie. if you supply spreads we will proof as spreads.

It is common practice for a designer to supply spreads for visual appreciation but the printer will often trim the spreads to single pages and in the case of a large pagination print run, tape the proofs together to match his imposition plan.

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Can I supply RGB PDFs?

Strictly speaking yes, but this is not practical. We can convert the PDFs to CMYK "on the fly" during the RIP process and produce a CMYK proof. Your printer will still have to convert the RGB to CMYK to print and his conversion is not guaranteed to match our carefully colour managed process. The vast majority of printers will reject RGB PDFs.   

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What if I only have RGB PDFs?

Call us and ask about our PDF conversion software. For a charge we can convert your PDFs to CMYK and return CMYK PDFs to the relevant print spec.

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Will all printers accept the proofs you supply as an industry standard?

An industry standard is what it says on the tin - an industry standard. If your printer says he can't match the proof you need to question why you are using a printer that can't work to industry standards.

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Will printers be able to match the colours of the proofs?

As long as you have chosen the correct proof for the paper and printing process that you are using any printer that is working to the ISO 12647 standards will be able to achieve a good match to the proof.

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Will the proofs show crop marks, bleed, etc.?

As long as they are on your supplied PDF - yes. We only proof what is in the supplied file.

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Can you provide a proof on the paper the job will be printed on?

No. Our proofs are all on Fogra standard ORIS semi-matte paper that, with the aid of profiles emulates the stock you have chosen. Proofs on the actual stock would require "wet proofing" which is in effect a short print run that is only relevant if printed on the press that your final job will be printed on. Needless to say this is a very very expensive option. If you feel that you need to do this please speak to your printer.

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Can you emulate materials such as recycled paper, so we know how the job will look on job stock?

Yes. We emulate the various paper types referenced in the ISO 12747 spec.

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Can you show proofs for CMYK + Spot Colour jobs?


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Do you have a 'job options' file to download, so we can ensure we're creating pdfs correctly?

Generally no. If you require a 'job options' file you should ask your printer for one but if you haven't chosen a printer yet contact us on 0845 475 6003 and we can advise you.

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Do you offer a discount on bulk proofing - eg: catalogues?

Yes. Our automatic online pricing adjusts your prices to reflect this. Contact us or fill in the Trade Application on the home page of this website if you wish to discuss further trade discounting.

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Do you offer other services such as colour correction and re-touching?

Yes. We offer all of the usual services that you would expect from a repro house: image manipulation, swatch matching, colour conversion, PDF editing, PDF conversion etc.

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